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Where are your losses?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Have you suffered enough ?

My biggest learning in the past year was perhaps a rather significant one.

We always glorify success, the stories of triumph and wins. We cheer for our favourite celebrities, sportspersons, actors etc. We lead our lives through the life of these other people.

We celebrate when an actor wins an award. We celebrate when a sportsperson wins gold. Somehow, we are convinced that their win is our win. We conveniently ignore our mediocre lives, blinded by someone else's victory.

We never even think of putting even a mild effort into shaping our own lives. It is because we are so scared of our own failures. We are so focussed into creating a Happy, comfortable and satisfactory life for our self that we are unaware of the fact that life is lived through failures. It is in the deepest darkest unending pits of emotional, mental and physical trauma, that we will eventually one day find pure clarity. The more number of losses and failures and low points we have, the better we will find our purposes.

No matter how perfect your health and financial condition appears to be, if you are not plunging to your absolute rock bottom on a regular basis, you are not moving anywhere.

Don't be satisfied with your Insta-worthy life or maybe your basic wins in career which you deem 'success' by your own shallow standards. Instead, reflect back and count your losses.

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