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Notes for Self

1. Family always comes first.

Before friends, colleagues or anyone. Care for them, work hard for them and always spend quality time with them. There isn’t anyone like them that supports you, motivates you and unconditionally loves you.

2. Take people’s opinions with a grain of salt. Better, do not care about them at all.

Because most people don’t really care about you (unless you have something highly valuable to offer). In a way this is very liberating. You can become the master and creator of your life.

3. Obtain mastery of at least one skill

That pays you well, that liberates you from the rat race, and that you really enjoy doing.

4. Hate always comes from people beneath you

People who are doing better than you probably don’t care.

5. Avoid people who do not have a growth mindset

You cannot escape the law of averages. If you hangout with five people who smoke, you will be the sixth smoker. If you hangout with five high achievers, you would be the sixth high achiever. If you hangout with five losers, well yup!

6. Consistency is the key to achieve anything big in the long run

Want big muscles ? Workout consistently. Want big bank balance ? Keep investing or generating multiple income sources. Want to succeed as an artist ? Keep learning and practicing.

7. Build a side hustle

Always have multiple sources of income. Not just as a backup but as a means to build the life you have always wanted.

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