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Soul is where the mind isn’t

(written ca. 2016)

After all the things you say After all the things you do After all the people you meet After all the jokes you laugh at After all the sorrows you mourn After all the fights you have After all the tears you shed

Where do you go ?

After all the places you travel After all the money you spend After all the sins you commit After all the good deeds you do After the day is over, and bells have tolled

Where do you rest ?

You come home to yourself... And stare at your soul in the mirror What do you feel ? You were always here, and will be so The mind wanders, but the soul can’t

And after a while You hear voices, growing inside They were always there But were always drowned

In the fleeting noises.... of the jokes you laugh at of the sorrows you mourn of the fights you have of the places you travel lost somewhere in the company of those who shall no more be forever

And when the noises fade away You come home To your soul The mind wanders but the soul won’t It was here always And will be forever...

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